Support and training

battenfeld-cincinnati’s service team is always available to answer your questions. We offer a range of services for maintenance, inspection and consulting that can be adapted to your requirements.

Consulting & training
We offer process technology consulting and operator training on the extruder/extrusion line tailored to your needs. Training can be held directly at your facility or at battenfeld-cincinnati.

Inspection & maintenance contracts
These contracts offer you flexible services that can be customized as required. Whether you need regular inspections or complete servicing of your production line – battenfeld-cincinnati has the right solution for you. 

Energy-saving consulting
For years, battenfeld-cincinnati has been working intensively on measures to optimize energy consumption along the entire extrusion line. We will be happy to advise you on the selection and/or replacement of components to reduce your line’s energy consumption. 

Material analysis & technical department
Every formulation is different – therefore finding the best machine-screw-combination and equipping it with a suitable wear protection is very important. We offer test series to optimally adjust your equipment to the material used.

Forecast assistance for key parts
Ordering and storing individual components ahead of time can help you avoid downtimes. battenfeld-cincinnati will support you in analyzing your line to plan the best timing for spare part orders.


Below you will find the contacts for your enquiries to our facilities. Please have your machine/commission number ready! For sales enquiries, please use our general contact form.

Technical Support Tel.: +49 (5731) 242 – 321 (Bad Oeynhausen) Tel.: +49 (2152) 1495 – 22 (Kempen) Email:
Spare parts enquiries Tel.: +49 (5731) 242-311 (Bad Oeynhausen) Tel.: +49 (2152) 1495 – 52 | – 12 (Kempen) Email:
Technical Support Tel.: +43 (1) 61006 – 300 (Vienna) Email:

Spare parts enquiries Tel. +43 (1) 61006-420 (Vienna) Email:
Technical Support Tel.: +86 (0) 757 2238 0110 (Foshan City, Shunde) +86 (0) 757 2997 5321 | +86 (0) 757 2997 5397 Email:
Spare parts enquiries Tel.: +86 (0) 757 2997 5321 (Foshan City, Shunde) Email:
Technical Support Tel.: 1-800-835-0065 (inside USA) Tel.: +1 (620) 241 6843 (outside USA) Email:
Spare parts enquiries Tel.: +1 (855) 798 2499 (McPherson, KS) Email: