Repairs and upgrades

battenfeld-cincinnati offers comprehensive modernization and retrofits for your existing equipment – from extruder to pipe tooling to downstream – to ensure maximum productivity, operational reliability and production efficiency.

Preventive maintenance and equipment repairs

Avoid breakdowns and production standstills and extend the lifetime of your processing equipment by:

  • Inspection of your machinery at regular intervals
  • Re-coating and repairs of your equipment as required

battenfeld-cincinnati offers you the following services:

  • Repairs of screws, gearboxes, controls, control components and drives
  • Conversion of outdated drive technology to modern three-phase technology (AC)
  • Conversion of old gearboxes to the state of the art
  • Control upgrades with latest control technology


Control upgrades: state-of-the-art controls for higher efficiency

A suitable control system ensures you always have a good overview over your equipment for easy control. battenfeld-cincinnati offers control upgrades to the latest technology: our new BCtouch UX control has a large display and offers an innovative operation and visualization concept. It is also perfectly suited for industry 4.0 applications.

Easy, comfortable operation: cockpit view for a quick overview over the process status of the complete line & individual components

  • Intuitive user interface with clear color schemes
  • Optimally scalable client/server model: in addition to the main operating station, further operating terminals can be installed along the line
  • Modern alarm system
  • Easy-to-use recipe management
  • Ergonomic terminal system with swivel-and-tilt functionality on a 21.5“multi-touch display unit in landscape format
  • End-to-end digitalization of process parameters for all line components & central data acquisition offer simple data tapping for ERP systems
  • Connection of mobile devices via LAN, WiFi or UMTS/LTE
  • Industry 4.0 services:
    • Preventive maintenance: maintenance supported by filing of & reminders for maintenance intervals
    • Integrated, continuous energy monitoring enables optimal resource efficiency
    • Uncomplicated remote maintenance possible


Below you will find the contacts for your enquiries to our facilities. Please have your machine/commission number ready! For sales enquiries, please use our general contact form.

Technical Support Tel.: +49 (5731) 242 – 321 (Bad Oeynhausen) Tel.: +49 (2152) 1495 – 22 (Kempen) Email:
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Technical Support Tel.: +43 (1) 61006 – 300 (Vienna) Email:

Spare parts enquiries Tel. +43 (1) 61006-420 (Vienna) Email:
Technical Support Tel.: +86 (0) 757 2238 0110 (Foshan City, Shunde) +86 (0) 757 2997 5321 | +86 (0) 757 2997 5397 Email:
Spare parts enquiries Tel.: +86 (0) 757 2997 5321 (Foshan City, Shunde) Email:
Technical Support Tel.: 1-800-835-0065 (inside USA) Tel.: +1 (620) 241 6843 (outside USA) Email:
Spare parts enquiries Tel.: +1 (855) 798 2499 (McPherson, KS) Email: