Single screw extruders for pipe

The right extruder model for every polyolefin pipe

Single screw extruders cover a wide range of applications: from small micro ducts up to large-diameter pipes with diameters up to DN 2600. Here, battenfeld-cincinnati is the technology leader, especially due to our high-performance extruders. We offer suitable extruders for processing PO, PP, PE-RT, PE-X, PB, PVDF, ABS, TPE, EVOH and adhesives, to manufacture pressure pipes, unpressurized pipes or large-diameter pipes, for standard mono-layer pipes or multi-layer pipes or special applications.

What all battenfeld-cincinnati extruders have in common is their energy efficiency, excellent homogenization performance and low melt temperatures. This is of special significance for large-diameter pipes and thick-walled pipes.
In combination with our innovative PO mono-layer and multi-layer pipe dies and extrusion downstream units, complete extrusion lines for every type of pipe can be found in our portfolio.

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