leanEX: turnkey PO pipe lines

The leanEX concept stands for “lean extrusion”, i.e. simple, turnkey lines for standard PO pipe applications. leanEX lines are ideal for companies that need a low cost line for small to medium standard pipe applications that can be handled easily and operates with high line speeds. 

Every line is designed by us from start to finish: an optimal solution for every application with high performance and efficient use of resources. The lines comprise an energy-efficient single screw extruder, extrusion tooling for the specific polyolefin material processed (e.g. PE-RT, PP-R or PE-HD), and downstream equipment suitable for high-speed extrusion.

  • European technology, manufactured in China, for long lifetimes and high processing security
  • Excellent performance with lower energy consumption
  • High end product quality
  • Cost-efficient turnkey line for standard PO pipe applications from a single source
  • Turnkey PO pipe lines in five sizes for diameters up to 63, 160, 250, 400 or 630 mm
  • High line speeds (40 m/min for 32 & 63 mm lines, 15 m/min for 160 & 250 mm lines, 5.5 m/min for 400 mm lines & 5 m/min for 630 mm lines)

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