Green Pipe Concept

Green Pipe: the innovative concept for energy-efficient pipe production

Saving energy all along the line

Optimizing only the extruder is not sufficient for sustainable energy consumption cuts on the entire extrusion line. All line components must make a contribution. Therefore, battenfeld-cincinnati offers an energy monitoring system to ascertain exatly how to optimize each line component. In addition, we have also developed the innovative "Green Pipe" concept which can significantly increase energy-efficiency for pipe production.

The modular "Green Pipe" offers an opportunity to reduce material, energy and water consumption and thus significantly increases the efficiency of the production process. The system consists of the following components: 

helix VSI-T pipe die with Efficient Air Cooling" EAC:

  • Effective internal pipe cooling with EAC (Efficient Air Cooling): ambient air flows through the pipe against the direction of extrusion and thus cooling the pipe evenly from the inside
  • Depending on the application, the length of the cooling section can be reduced by 30% to 50%
  • Integration into existing extrusion lines is possible after consultation
  • Most existing battenfeld-cincinnati pipe heads can be retrofitted

For more information about our helix pipe dies with internal pipe cooling "EAC" please click here.

Green Pipe downstream concept

  • Energy consumption of cooling section can be almost halved
  • Cooling water consumption per hour can be reduced by almost 90 %
  • "Free Cooling" can be increased by up to 50 %


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