Extruder and line control system

Innovative operating concepts for efficient production planning

Modeled on modern communication media, new platforms with intuitive menu navigation and a new, clearly arranged visualization concept have been developed. With its advanced functions, the new control systems support efficient production planning and preventive maintenance intervals, and fulfill future requirements for connectivity with servers and mobile appliances. In this way, the prerequisites for comprehensive process data acquisition and evaluation are provided, fully supporting vertical integration according to the industry 4.0 concept.

Our offer:

Your advantages:

  • Modern user interface recalls simple and familiar operating concepts of tablets or smart phones (i.e. multi-touch zoom as well as move and slide functions)
  • Ergonomic terminal system with swivel-and-tilt functionality on a 21.5“ landscape format multi-touch display unit
  • OPC UA interface for seamless integration into your smart factory
  • Smart services like preventive maintenance and uncomplicated remote support via internet / mobile networks
  • Full connectivity for mobile devices including messenger services

For standard applications

Your advantages:

  • High performance temperature control for optimal plasticizing processes
  • Energy and material savings with up to two gravimetric dosing systems (optional)
  • OPC UA interface

For co-extruders or standard lines for the extrusion of small pipes and profiles

Your advantages:

  • Overview of all parameters, process data, alarms, as well as the process and system status
  • Software changes and online PLC trouble shooting via modem


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