Compliance at battenfeld-cincinnati

battenfeld-cincinnati is committed to doing business only in full compliance with all laws and regulations and in line with high ethical standards.

The Code of Conduct provides the legal and ethical framework for the conduct of all executives and employees of the company and defines the basic rules of conduct within the company as well as in its relations with its business partners and the general public. The Code also reflects the basic values pursued by the company, including values with respect to employment, work and product safety as well as environmental protection.

The company has established a compliance management system (CMS) to ensure that the operations of the company and the conduct of its employees are in full compliance with its basic principles and value. Below you can find the documents that form the basis of the CMS for your information:

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Notification of breaches of the Code of Conduct or other intra-company guidelines

To ensure adherence to the Compliance Guidelines with the aim of combating corruption, anti-trust infringements and economic crime, battenfeld-cincinnati has established a hotline and named an external ombudsman to receive and review notifications of breaches, potential incidents, as well as information on irregularities.

The external ombudsman guarantees whistleblowers objectivity and independence from the company in examining and processing their concerns. It has been agreed between battenfeld-cincinnati and the ombudsman that the parties will refrain from disclosure of the identity of the whistleblower and handing over of documents or other information, unless the whistleblower explicitly agrees to the disclosure. Tips may be given over the phone or in person (in German and English), as well as in writing (email or letter, in any language). The ombudsman is available daily; in urgent cases, this also means outside office hours and on weekends.

Contact details for the ombudsman:

Lawer Dr. Christian Rosinus
Rosinus | Partner Rechtsanwälte mbB
Staufenstraße 35 | 60323 Frankfurt a.M. | Germany

T: +49 69 8740306-0